Update: Distribution of Settlement awards to timely, valid claims began on February 15, 2022. Please allow 15 days for delivery. If you have any issues, please email info@AppFeeSettlement.com.

Settlement Information

A proposed settlement of a class action lawsuit relates to allegations that Greystar Real Estate Partners, LLC, Greystar Management Services, L.P., Greystar RS West, LLC. (“Greystar”) (“Defendants”) charged a tenant screening fee and failed to provide required disclosure prior to obtaining screen reports in violation of state law. The case is known as Daley et al. v. Greystar Real Estate Partners, LLC, et al., No. 2:18-CV-00381-SMJ (E.D. Wash.) (“Action”).

Defendants have agreed to pay a total settlement amount of $2,500,000 which will be used to create a Settlement Fund to pay cash awards to Settlement Class Members who submit a valid and timely claim, pay Class Counsel’s attorneys’ fees and costs, pay an incentive award to the Representative Plaintiffs, and pay costs and expenses of settlement administration.

In the Action, the Plaintiffs claimed, among other things, that Defendants charged tenant screening fees without first providing required disclosures to prospective tenants, in violation of Washington State law. Defendants claim they have abided by all state and federal laws, and that the Action is not well grounded in law or fact. As part of the proposed settlement, Defendants do not admit to any wrongdoing, maintain their compliance with the law, and continue to deny the allegations against them.

Who Is a Class Member?

All persons who applied to rent any property in the state of Washington where the rental property, on the date of the application, was owned or managed by Defendants, or where Defendants were a “landlord” of the property as defined by RCW 59.18.030(15) and paid any tenant screening fee to Defendants or its affiliates between June 9, 2016 and August 13, 2020.

Your Legal Rights and Options


Your Legal Rights

Submit a Claim

(Deadline Passed)

The only way to receive a payment under the settlement.

You must submit a Claim Form online or by mail.  The Claim Form is available HERE.

Exclude Yourself

(Deadline Passed)

Get no payment under the settlement.

This is the only option that allows you to be part of any other lawsuit against Defendants about the legal claims in the case.


(Deadline Passed)

Write to the Court about why you don’t like the settlement.

You can do this only if you don’t exclude yourself.

Go to the Hearing

on January 11, 2022

Ask to speak in Court about the fairness of the settlement. 

You can do this only if you don’t exclude yourself.

Do Nothing

No Deadline

You will receive no payment under the settlement and will be giving up your rights to assert any claims about the legal claims in the case against defendants.

Dates and Deadlines

Claims Deadline

September 27, 2021

Exclusion Deadline

September 27, 2021

Objection Deadline

September 27, 2021

Fairness Hearing

January 11, 2022